Parallax Scrolling

Web version built with nCine game engine.

Parallax Scrolling is an application which utilizes parallax map features of JugiMap Framework.

The application source code:

The project files for JugiMap Editor:

A screenshot with the background parallax map in JugiMap Editor:

Parallax maps in JugiMap Framework

JugiMap Framework provides parallax maps implementation which is suitable for various kinds of background maps, from simple static images to multi-layered parallax maps with animated sprites.

Main features:

  • Adjustable tiling of the parallax layer content.
  • Full control over parallax layers positioning relative to the world map.
  • Parallax speed factor which allow full range of speeds, from static layers to layers which scroll faster than the world map.
  • All controlling parameters for parallax layers are available separately for horizontal and vertical direction.

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